From our Initial contact with Mike he was very positive. He was extremely accommodating and professional and really wanted to tailor to our needs. Mike’s presentation met the exact needs of the day. Very smart, interesting and witty. A very good speaker.
Konica Minolta
Very down to earth. Related well with our people. He spent time talking before the meeting about our organisation and our issues. He had a good handle on our business and his presentation hit the mark.
Skyline Buildings Ltd
The success of our conference was due, in no small part, to the calibre of speaker and the industry insight and information Mike passed onto our delegates, both in session and in discussion afterwards. We thank him for his contribution towards ensuring the NZCF conference remains the premier conference on the industry calendar.
New Zealand Contractors Federation
Mike did an amazing job and we had great feedback from the directors that attended. Mike’s talk was very inspirational and I learned alot myself that I can apply not only to my work place but to my life.