Who is Mike Pero?

He’s been in the public eye for more than 25 years but what do you really know about Mike Pero?  There’s much more than just mortgages.   A young Mike Pero grew up in the poorer parts of Christchurch.  He’s been a labourer, a tradesman and he’s also been unemployed.  Mike did not go to university but instead he paid his way through aviation college to qualify as an Airline Pilot in his late 20s. After flying for a few years Mike returned to Christchurch to establish himself back in business – in 1990 he started a business that would help buyers into homes. Mike Pero Mortgages started as a one-man band and since the early 1990s’ Mike Pero has become the preeminent name in home loans.   The company has arranged more than $10 billion worth of loans for Kiwi home buyers. Almost three decades later Mike Pero Mortgages remains the most recognised brand in home lending, outside of the major banks. Mike attributes his business success to a strong branding message that goes out on a continual basis for both Mortgages and Real Estate.  In  2007 this awareness was surveyed by Colmar Brunton at 94%.

Mike is six times New Zealand Motorcycle Road Racing Champion in the 350cc and 500cc racing classes. He still holds the New Zealand Land Speed record for a 350cc Motorcycle. It wasn’t until Mike started winning motorcycle races that he gained his self confidence.  This winning streak, he says, allowed him to think beyond sport and apply similar philosophies to business and life.

In 2001 Mike Pero and close friend, Steve Rae entered and won the Liquor King DriveSafe 500, an endurance race for V8 Touring Cars.  Pero went on to run a successful Holden Racing Team in New Zealand through to the mid 2000s’.  Now no longer a driver Pero enjoys a sponsorship association with New Zealand motor racing legend Greg Murphy (Murph).

Pero’s marketing is somewhat unique, and his concepts and philosophies can apply to any business or organisation. Mike has won three Pacific Business Awards (1999; 2003; 2007) and earned the company “Supreme Franchise Award” at the annual Franchise Association of New Zealand awards in 2003.

In 2005 Mike invested in a small hobby styled flight simulator business – he added funding, structure and his marketing expertise, and as the CEO was able to drive the business to open a new commercial opportunity not yet seen anywhere else in the world. Today known as ‘Flight Experience’ the company has grown from one small workshop in Sydenham to a multi-million dollar export earner for New Zealand and dozens of simulators around the world.

The Boeing 737- 800 cockpit is a replica of the real aircraft and simulates real flight – members of the public get to have a go at flying an airliner. The company has its simulators in Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, France, the UK and USA. A professional training version of the same aircraft type provides a cost effective solution for airline training..

Not all Mike’s ventures have been successful and Mike admits to having made a few mistakes along the way but he is proud to have only ever lost his own money and never lost a supplier or creditor money.

Mike is popular with audiences at all levels and is able to deliver a message to an audience that is inspiring and motivating.  He’s happy to share his story, his knowledge and tailor his message to the audience at hand. His presentation style is simple, positive and upbeat and his use colourful slide show reinforces his message.

Mike is still very much in the front line of business marketing and he can relate well to most industries and professions.

Mike and his wife Rachel live in Christchurch; he’s the father of four and also a grandfather twice. He enjoys road cycling to keep fit; he still competes in the occasional motorcycle (classic) race, he’s an aviation enthusiast and Mike enjoys any fresh challenge to his business or personal life.


Mike Pero Marketing Limited
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PO Box 29530
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